Lajipe Faleyimu – Todun Designs Duduview

In this interview with Lajipe Faleyimu, Owner of Todun Designs, she explains how busy she is.  Experiencing it myself, I can testify that it is no joke.  Getting time to meet with Miss Faleyimu, was a challenge in itself.  The high demand for Todun Designs is the very reason this interview was necessary. A few … Continue reading »

Todun Designs Product Giveaway

To wrap up the season, Todun Designs is hosting a one of a kind giveaway that shall run from Tuesday 24th April up until the 30th of April. GUIDELINES 1. In order to participate, you MUST either FOLLOW Todun Designs on TWITTER; LIKE the Todun DesignsFACEBOOK PAGE; or FOLLOW Todun Designs on TUMBLR. 2. Let Todun Designs know what your favourite product is … Continue reading »

March Events/Promo Update!

Just a few updates on the events going on in Canada for the month of March, as well as promotional offers still up and running. 3 days left till the Todun Giveaname Giveaway is up. Read here for more details. ***** On March 16th, the Erindale College African Students Association presents SYNC AFRIQUE; Embossed Read … Continue reading »

Todun Designs – GIVE A NAME

Todun Designs is having a giveaway.  Here are the details: #TodunGiveAName is a chance to name our new collection and win something from the new collection. To participate you must 1) follow us on twiiter 2) Like our facebook page and 3) suggest a name for the new collection via twitter or facebook. 5 names will … Continue reading »

January Giveaway Winner – Never Give Up

WOW!!!.. As of 10pm last night I was about to request the address of Contestant ONE so that the item could be shipped to her address, thankfully I didn’t, because as you can see…the tides changed in less than two hours. As of 11:59:59pm, Contestant THREE created a huge gap between herself and the “seemingly … Continue reading »

THE January Giveaway

Starting early in the year, I set out a giveaway challenge, with 3 weeks to submit pictures. A few people sent in their pictures and now it’s up to you, the readers to decide who wins. If you weren’t aware of the challenge, the details are on here. In summary, based on these pictures, which … Continue reading »


Happy new year…. May this year bring you more blessings, open doors, advanced wisdom, increased knowledge, unrequited love, undeserving grace, indescribable peace and more. Dudunorth would be starting the year with a giveaway. Woohoo! This would run from January 1st – 31st.  Here’s how this would work. Have you ever heard of my style? Yes? … Continue reading »