Bloggers you are likely to enjoy!

Bloggers you are likely to enjoy!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Below are a few blogs of my favourite blogs.  You just might like them too Art Aro Angelo (INTERVIEWED) Food 9jafoodie Afrolems (INTERVIEWED) Design Cook Love Lohi’s Creations (INTERVIEWED) Fashion In Fashion Rehab Lion Hunter (INTERVIEWED) Moments of Style Streetstyleng Inspiration Beta Motivation Idillionaire Tayo Rockson Love/Weddings Aisle Perfect Everything Weddings And More Media … Continue reading »

William Ukoh – Willyverse Duduview

“…my brother, William is someone you might be interested in” – Atim Ukoh She gave me his details, and within minutes I was googling/youtubing Willyverse.  I went on his tumblr and I saw a few pictures but remained in denial. “naaah…this are probably downloads of pictures he likes” was what I kept saying to myself. … Continue reading »

Prince David

Like Domino’s, where one tile introduces you to the next, I heard about Prince David  from Engr. Tubi. Of course, I went on Facebook to check his work out. Within minutes, I was typing up an introduction + request for an interview letter, all in one. When he replied my email, there was one thing … Continue reading »