RIP #Occupynigeria

The Nigeria Labour Congress and other organised labour have called off the week-long protest over the government’s removal of the fuel subsidy. Although their demands for a return to N65 were not met, fuel prices have now been pegged to N97 from the N141 which was raised on January 1. So, tell me what happened … Continue reading »

Nigerians Are Vexing – #OccupyNigeria #Day4

This solidarity amongst Nigerians is the best we have seen in years. When the strike started people thought it would be over by the 3rd day, apparently not.  It’s the 4th day and Nigerians are even more determined, stronger and more vibrant than when they started. The National Youth Council of Nigeria, has endorsed the … Continue reading »

Fuel Subsidy Removal #Naij

So Naija has been warming my blood for a hawt minute. Abacha is dead! but yet, we are beginning to ‘almost’ relive his existence. I rebuke a reincarnation… To those who are still out of the loop or to those who are not entirely clear on what this whole fuel subsidy issue is….here’s a brief … Continue reading »