William Ukoh – Willyverse Duduview

“…my brother, William is someone you might be interested in” – Atim Ukoh She gave me his details, and within minutes I was googling/youtubing Willyverse.  I went on his tumblr and I saw a few pictures but remained in denial. “naaah…this are probably downloads of pictures he likes” was what I kept saying to myself. … Continue reading »

Dudunorth Collaborates with Telafric

Starting January 2012. Dudunorth officially collaborates with Telafric If you haven’t heard of Telafric, visit www.telafrictv.com for more information. Telafric is breaking into the North American market, where duduviews would be featured amongst a selection of rich entertainment on the Roku. Visit www.Roku.com to learn more about the Roku.