Prince David

Like Domino’s, where one tile introduces you to the next, I heard about Prince David  from Engr. Tubi. Of course, I went on Facebook to check his work out. Within minutes, I was typing up an introduction + request for an interview letter, all in one. When he replied my email, there was one thing … Continue reading »

Phone Swap

Nollywood and I are like two parallel lines, we almost never meet.  If I’m ever watching a Ngerian movie, it is most likely with company, who of course have opted for a Naija laugh.  It’s funny how in those moments Nollywood movies seem to give the necessary humour required for the evening or whichever time … Continue reading »

Tubi Films

I remember meeting Laolu Tubi or rather Engr. L. Tubi as he has conveniently titled himself.  He was such a gentleman, still is… and quite frankly at the time there were too few gentlemen around for him to go unnoticed. At the time there was no such thing as Tubi Films or even a mere … Continue reading »