WATCH: Dudunorth interviews Tehilah Abakasanga

TEHILAH is a fashion house run by a young designer, Tehilah Abakasanga. In 2013, Tehilah was featured on DN, when she had just started out.  She was determined, focussed and still is.  It was the words of one of her clients that got me interested.  He said, “She’s one of my classmates,  she’s definitely going to go … Continue reading »

WTFS01E03 – Online Dating, Uber, Air B n B…

Did you miss the second episode of Wat’s the Fuss? Don’t miss the third episode.  In this episode we discuss online dating, dating apps like tinder, uber and air bnb.  #hitplay if you haven’t already. Watch, Comment, Subscribe and Share To become a sponsor for our next show, please email for more information To stay updated … Continue reading »

The 99 Project featuring FTaiwo

FTaiwo is back again! This time STRONGER, LOUDER and DEEPER! With a poem about breaking stereotypes and transcending boundaries, he defines femininity in a way every woman wishes a man would.  Through his lyrics, he displays an understanding of a group of women that exist besides make-up and glam.  In this piece, the evident existence … Continue reading »

Dudunorth Turns 3 with these Superstars

On October 6th, Dudunorth turned three with these amazing superstars: Afrolems, Komi Olaf and Lohi’s Creations.  These Entrepreneurs have grown stronger and bigger since their very first interview with Dudunorth, three years ago.  To meet up again, discussing their progress was the best way to celebrate Dudunorth’s third year.  Their focus and determination to succeed … Continue reading »

WTFS01E02 – Privacy, Team Natural, Fall TV Shows and more…

Did you miss the pilot episode of Wat’s the Fuss? Don’t miss the second episode. Watch, Comment, Subscribe and Share This episode was sponsored by Manyatta Network. Visit  To become a sponsor for our next show, please email for more information To stay updated on our show, follow us on Instagram AND Facebook

Dudunorth Interviews ‘Just Rich Men’

‘Just Rich Men’ is comedy skit team that aims to bring various shows to cities across Canada and also to various media platforms.  You may have missed their first show which was a major HIT however, there’s no excuse for you to miss the next one(s).  Hit play to find out what they’re about and how … Continue reading »
The DN Scholarship Funded

The DN Scholarship Funded

Special thanks to all the donors and supporters of the Dudunorth Community Scholarship.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Together we were successful in raising $1,610, which is 32% of the goal however we are confident that it will make the recipient 100% grateful.  That’s a huge success! To International African Students seeking sponsorship, please send the following to … Continue reading »
Let’s Talk: Nigeria – Beam Inc. & Nigeria Dialogue

Let’s Talk: Nigeria – Beam Inc. & Nigeria Dialogue

September 17, 2014 – Toronto, Ontario. With Nigeria’s Independence Day nearly upon us, Bringing Educational Assistance to Many (BEAM) Inc in partnership with Nigeria Dialogue (UK based org) presents the second annual Let’s Talk: Nigeria town hall. The event allows us to engage the Toronto community in discussing the progresses made as well as issues … Continue reading »