William Ukoh – Willyverse Duduview

“…my brother, William is someone you might be interested in” – Atim Ukoh She gave me his details, and within minutes I was googling/youtubing Willyverse.  I went on his tumblr and I saw a few pictures but remained in denial. “naaah…this are probably downloads of pictures he likes” was what I kept saying to myself. … Continue reading »


About a month ago was when I heard about Afrolems, *covers face*.   Shameful? Here I am, hearing about an almost nation-wide renown caterer, meanwhile the entire Nigerian community don bele-ful with her tasty, spicy meals.  What amazes me is that she’s a one woman army.  One might expect a partner or some form of … Continue reading »

Prince David

Like Domino’s, where one tile introduces you to the next, I heard about Prince David  from Engr. Tubi. Of course, I went on Facebook to check his work out. Within minutes, I was typing up an introduction + request for an interview letter, all in one. When he replied my email, there was one thing … Continue reading »