Dudunorth Interviews Nana Bediako

Nana Bediako a.k.a ‘Mr. Tailor’ is an artist; popularly known for his fashion pieces.  With an interesting and very detailed eye for fashion, Nana focuses on creating menswear of various forms.  He makes use of his African heritage in developing fashion pieces that compare to no other. One of his first projects was featured at Sync-Afrique. … Continue reading »

Dudunorth Interviews B.C. Okah

Boloebi Charles Okah, popularly known as B.C. Okah is an artist you want to acquaint yourself with.  He is a true definition of a dream chaser. Dropping out of an Advertising degree at the University of Kansas, B.C. Okah spent three years travelling, evidently placing purpose over all.  Spending time in various countries, he was … Continue reading »

Let’s talk about Empire real quick..WTFuss???

It’s almost time for Empire’s Season Finale and the internet is going crazy..What’s the fuss about empire, really? *** A while ago, Shay messaged the WTFuss crew about this amazing new show ‘Empire’ and both Revy B and Temi agreed that it was the truth. So naturally, I searched online for “long free full trailers” of the … Continue reading »

WTFuss Season 2 Episode 4 – Sex ED

Hello, Just in case you haven’t subscribed yet, here’s a friendly reminder.  On this episode, the WTFuss ladies discuss Ontario’s proposed radical Sex Ed curriculum. What are your thoughts on this. Comment below or on youtube. Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW & SHARE too 🙂

WATCH: Dudunorth interviews Tehilah Abakasanga

TEHILAH is a fashion house run by a young designer, Tehilah Abakasanga. In 2013, Tehilah was featured on DN, when she had just started out.  She was determined, focussed and still is.  It was the words of one of her clients that got me interested.  He said, “She’s one of my classmates,  she’s definitely going to go … Continue reading »

Lord Ski on Dudunorth

Dapo Erinle, Lord Ski is a photographer by hobby and now “side gig” in Alberta, Canada.  He picked up his hobby out of jealousy…lol.  This interview shows the benefits of “GOOD jealousy”.  #Hitplay to better understand his hustle…soaking garri to take pictures. If that’s what it takes…then… Learn more about Lord Ski, by visiting his … Continue reading »

WTFS01E03 – Online Dating, Uber, Air B n B…

Did you miss the second episode of Wat’s the Fuss? Don’t miss the third episode.  In this episode we discuss online dating, dating apps like tinder, uber and air bnb.  #hitplay if you haven’t already. Watch, Comment, Subscribe and Share To become a sponsor for our next show, please email wtfuss@dudunorth.com for more information To stay updated … Continue reading »