Bringin’ West Africa to North America

Who doesn’t like food? Heck many LOVE food…lol Spotted in Canada are a few food bloggers/stores, I’d like to introduce to you…A few are turning good food into good money…definitely credit worthy! 24/7 and  Afrolems in the Toronto/Hamilton Area who deliver. Blogs like LohisCreations, in Ottawa and 9jafoodie take you through step by step directions on how to make some Nigerian dishes.

Fashion in the North

I love Fashion! Absolutely love eet. I think it’s actually innate.  Being that my mum is a fashion designer and my grandmother was one too, I’m guessing that I draw the love from there.  For a few months I started off a fashion line, which succeeded for the months it was up but my lack … Continue reading »

Warming UP!

Hi, Welcome to DUDUnorth. A wise man once said, “a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him”. This man made sense. Recently many Nigerians are gaining ground, because regardless of the number of, “my guy, this won’t work….forget am” that they may hear, they’re … Continue reading »