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So the HeART Experience was last night and I specifically said that you needed to be there but y’all still didn’t get your tickets. *sigh*. As you know, I don’t review events that aren’t worth a review, I usually just tend to act like I didn’t attend lol.

The HeART Experience exceeded my expectations, to say the very least.  I’d first like to begin by calling out Tolu Ade who organized the event.  She did a spectacular job.   It was tasteful and the usual gra gra (pardon my German), was absent.

I knew it was going to be a great night the minute I drove into the parking lot and couldn’t find a spot…and then miraculously, someone pulled out of their spot and handed me a free parking ticket.  *WINNING!!*


Meanwhile, my fellow late comers were still searching.  Poor puppies!

Anyways, I made my way in and was greeted warmly by Yvonne Ben of The Kaleidoscopian and the Mane Captain.  As expected, the venue was full and there were no seats besides V.I.P. spots.

Can I just say, “the Lord maketh a way where there seemeth to be no way”. lol.

I made my way to the front and the worst thing happened.

*pause, go grab a drink, come backand I’ll tell you*





So…here I am using my snapchat to store videos of the performance since there was no more room on my phone.

I’m enjoying every bit of the experience, because…well…I absolutely LOVE jazz…and then later I feel someone standing in front of me.  I look up and it’s Shola Iyiola playing right in front of me and staring right into my eyes.




This is the one time in life that I had absolutely no idea how to handle myself.  I’m sifting through movies in my head to see how girls tend to react to this type of situations but unfortunately, I just couldn’t bring myself to perform. LOL.

That being said, I am currently accepting lessons from professional ‘accepters of performers who look into their eyes’.  Apply here – dami@dudunorth.com.

Enough about me and my ridiculousness.  Here are a few highlights of how it all went down.

The night had all the right vibes.  There were moments of inspirational talk, which I personally applauded, as necessary.  B.C. Okah went in on his speed painting and totally wowed the crowd with a painting of Jesus that I totally wasn’t expecting.

You know those upside down paintings that initially look like a mess and you’re thinking, ‘this kid must be under pressure, he’s definitely going to mess this up, wth is this?’…it was one of those.

In a nutshell, if you love jazz, especially vocal jazz, you would have loved this event.  The back-up singers nailed it.  The musicians were on a completely different level.  Having played with Steve (the Pianist) and Phil (the Bass player), I can only say that the room was filled with TOO much talent and it would be an absolute shame if an event like this was put together in the future and you missed it.

Add it to your bucket list noowww!

The humorous and engaging character of Shola Iyiola was a difference to a normal jazz experience.  Follow him.

Oh, fun fact for you, Shola Iyiola has a not so great singing voice so he was pretty excited about introducing this Aladdin instrument that made him sound kinda cool.

Please someone buy me one for Christmas, :).  Thanks!

I’m sorry my videos are not the greatest and they’re definitely not the best from the show, ’cause who has time to record when the real meat of the music is being downloaded.  Just manage these ones and follow the Shola Iyiola Brand here


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  1. Kola Olaosebikan, Reply

    LOL @ saving a life. This girl you crack me up!

  2. Tolu Ade, Reply

    Hey Dami!
    You would not believe I am just seeing this 🙁 Better late than never i guess and thanks for the review 🙂

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