Story Story…?

*insert your response here*

If you’re African, better yet, Nigerian enough, you’d get the right answer. lol


I met Kola online a while ago.  To be honest I’m not sure if its up to years now, but it feels like we’ve known each other forever (in my head).

We met online and have never met in person but if we had, we’d totally be besties by now, hanging out and laughing at EVERYTHING.

She sent me a copy of her book ‘Story Story‘, and if I must join other cliché book reviewers, I’d say, “It’s a must read!”.  It’s not a must read for everyone.  Anyone who’s looking to coast through life with a 9 to 5 would totally HATE it.  I repeat HATE this book.  If you’re that person, please DO NOT pick up this book in the name of, I said ‘it’s a must read’.  If someone handed it to you, as a free copy, BURN IT!


To those desperate to make a those who are yet to find out what their purpose is in life…to those in a great job with no self-fulfilment…to those who simply just like reading and to those inspired by the journey’s of others, this book is for you.

It’s funny.  It’s wise.  It’s real.  Kola describes how her perfect plan for her life wasn’t so perfect after all.  She was an A* student.  You know those students, you love to hate.  Those ones who end up marrying their first loves, settling down in a pretty mansion.  Two kids (one boy, one girl).  Perfect job…yea…she was that person.

The only difference is that she got dumped by the “perfect man”, couldn’t afford to pay rent in a respectable accommodation…got cheated with less than minimum wage…washed toilets to make a living, got rejected by her local chinese restaurant for a plate-washing gig…

Without giving it all away, I’d suggest you GRAB YOUR COPY NOWWWW lol.

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