It’s almost time for Empire’s Season Finale and the internet is going crazy..What’s the fuss about empire, really?


A while ago, Shay messaged the WTFuss crew about this amazing new show ‘Empire’ and both Revy B and Temi agreed that it was the truth.

So naturally, I searched online for “long free full trailers” of the episodes…lol.  After completing episode 1, I decided that the show was wack, wack, wackitty, wack wack.  Especially since it was tough to locate a “free full trailer of episode 2” online, without being asked to register.

Anyways, as fate would have it, my Facebook timelines encouraged me to try again.  I might have missed something and lo and behold, I had.

In my opinion, it’s not the type of show that immediately draws the viewer in, but there is something about it.  Don’t ask me what it is, but there’s something.

What is that something?


Help me describe what makes Empire tick in the youtube comment section of our review.


What Empire Character Are You?


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