Hi guys,

I have been away for a minute..whew! How are you? I hope you are doing great and enjoying this great weather. Words can not describe how I feel with the sun out and not having to wear my heavy winter jacket. I am just grateful that I can experience the beautiful weather.

I have been working on something personal and I would appreciate if you guys can support me. I used to own a blog www.santedelavie.com and for one reason or the other, I stopped blogging. I know living a healthy lifestyle is my passion because I have been doing it for 4 years and I haven’t stopped since I started. I have grown so much in many different ways and I know I have a lot to share with everyone.

I decided to pick this up again and start afresh. My new blog is called steady steps and you can access the link here: www.takingsteadysteps.blogspot.com It basically denotes the fact that I will do whatever is it to get to a place that I want regardless of the feedback or reaction I get from the audience. This is something I want to do and hopefully move into it full time. I will appreciate if you guys can support me. I will also be welcome to getting ideas from you on what you want to see on steady steps.

Thank you guys so much for stopping by, Its Miss Bee..xx

Dami is the Founder and Creative Director of Dudunorth. She has an immense passion for media, marketing and all things creative.

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