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How are you? I hope everyone is well. How is the week going? We are Ecoli chilling in Winnipeg. There’s been an outbreak of Ecoli in the city so everyone’s running shelter skelter boiling water & getting bottled water from the store. Hopefully they call off the boil water advisory because Lord knows I can’t keep up.

Food review for today is the mama chia seeds squeeze. My sister, Bisi found this during one of her many trips to Costco and got it. I thought it was interesting when she brought it home and I gave it a shot. Chia seeds are tiny bits of tasteless seeds that can be used as an addition to food. I use it as a substitute for eggs in my pancake, put it in my smoothie, my tea, yoghurt etc. It is high in fibre and very nutritious. Unfortunately it is on the pricey side but it is worth every penny.


The product comes in a pack of 12. The container for the squeeze is a little pouch thats very handy and portable. It doesn’t take up any space at all. It reminds me of some baby food my little cousin used to take when he was a baby.

It is easy to open and you don’t need any straw or spoon to empty the contents into your mouth. I usually just suck from pouch which to me is very convenient. It also makes me feel like a baby which is cute…lol





Some of the ingredients include chia seeds (of course :), organic apple puree, organic grape juice, organic blackberry puree, organic blackberry juice, organic purple carrot juice, citric acid, organic natural blackberry flavour & organic blueberry flavour. The word ‘organic’ struck out to me which is one of the reasons why I tried it.


Nutrition facts:

It has only 70 calories per 1 pouch, high in fibres, 4% sugar, no sodium..yayy! 4% protein.



The main ingredients of the squeeze is chia seeds so you will definitely be tasting/feeling a lot of it in your mouth. If you have tried chia seeds before, you should get comfortable with this in no time but if you haven’t, it might taste or feel weird the first few times you try it and then you get used to it afterwards. This snack is flavoured with blackberry which is the only flavour I have come across. I am not sure if there are any other flavours in the market. It also has this slimy look which is how chia seeds look when you mix it in water (try it at home and see for yourself)




Overall, I like this squeeze little chia seeds thing. It serves as a boost of energy for me especially when I am at work. It is easy to carry around, easy to open and finish on the go. It can be taken at anytime of the day. It can be taken as a side with breakfast, used as mid-snack, taken for lunch with a sandwich, or taken just before bed time. It is that light!

If you are interested, you can get it at Costco which is the only store I have seen carrying it. If you guys come across it at any other store, please leave a comment down below. I hope someone tries it and lets me their thought about this wonderful oh so slimy tasty snack. Thank you guys for stopping by. Please share some of the new things you have discovered in your journey so far. Remember we are all about helping each other adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Until next time, its Miss Bee..xxx


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  1. Kola Olaosebikan, Reply

    Interesting. Sounds kind of like flax seeds…kinda. I’m usually wary of juices for some reason but this actually sounds good. Appreciate your sharing 🙂

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