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We are almost two weeks into the new year and I am sure many of us made some resolutions that we are struggling to keep up with already *raises hands up*- Trust me when I say I am struggling already. If you made a resolution to read more this year then we are in the same boat. I found that reading more for leisure helped me when it came to reading my textbooks for my fall classes last semester, which led to this resolution for 2015.

I stumbled into a Chapters bookstore in London, Ontario and naturally my eyes go straight to the sale signs. The sale going on is pretty good at that Chapters location which was on Wellington Road. I refuse to pay more than $10 for a book and there were many books there for $4.99-$7.99.

The book that caught my eyes was Tiny sunbirds, far away by Christie Watson

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Image from www.goodreads.com


I read the Author’s about me and was drawn to the fact that she was a paediatric nurse ( as a nurse in the making i love reading books that other nurses have written, I almost feel obligated to support LOL). I went on to read the synopsis of the book and find out that it is about two siblings from Lagos, Nigeria – Blessing and Ezikiel whose mother relocates herself and her children to Delta state to live with her family after catching her husband/their father cheating on her. The only books I have read with Nigerian characters apart from back in primary and secondary school which I don’t have any recollection of, are all by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; So I have this unrealistic hopefulness that I’ll enjoy this book and its characters as much as I enjoyed the characters in her book. It received 4.05 stars on www.goodreads.com so perhaps my hopefulness is not entirely unrealistic after all.

You can visit the Chapters online store to purchase the book if you are interested and will like to get on  your reading this year! Or you can visit a Chapters book store near you the book is no more than $7.99 !

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