We hear many complaints about there being no jobs out there..or I should say, I hear many complaints…

Meanwhile StatCan reports falling unemployment rates. With more jobs becoming available, why is it that for some reason you are just not getting what you want? You’ve depleted a huge chunk of money studying whatever it is you studied in school but for some strange reason you find yourself in a call centre steadily cold-calling day in, day out for a company whose goal you are in ZERO support of.

Yes, employment rates are rising but structural unemployment is the real issue here. Sadly, job creators are not in search of your skills. How frustrating!

Well buddy, it sounds to me like you’ve got a choice to make. Would you like to continue that factory job you hate, religiously irritating your colleagues with the fact that you hate the job on a daily basis or do you think it might be better if you challenged yourself to break out of this unfavourable routine.

Over time, I have written and re-written my resume. Adjust here, redesign there, build a website here, create a portfolio there, meet for coffee and so on…all to the point that my resume has evolved so much that it makes me proud BUT, the dream job is still a dream.

Maybe, truly a dream job can only be created by the dreamer.

The chances of getting hired into a dream job without having the required years of experience are slim.

If you think you can do the job, maybe you should just start doing the job on your own dime. Why wait for someone to hire you. Heck! I wouldn’t hire someone I don’t know because THEY believe they can do the job. Would you? Until you prove yourself, your credibility is nonexistent. So prove yourself!

While you compete in this intense job market, map out your goals more accurately so that you don’t end up spending the most of your life working in a field just because you can, not doing what you truly love to do.

In a movie, I recently saw, a young girl asks her dad, “why do we keep having all these days and then having to go to bed and then having all these days and having to go to bed? won’t we get bored?”

I’d like to pose the same question to you. Won’t you get bored with the routine?

[Wake-Up, Work, Eat, Sleep, Wake-Up..] x 14 days..then pay bills – REPEAT!

The way life is set up, you would most likely find yourself in a routine. However, you don’t begin to live until you break out of that routine.

This economy presents the opportunity to breakout of that routine. This economy is an entrepreneurs platform. The inability to find a job that matches up with your skill set should frustrate you. Get so frustrated with the situation you find yourself in, and then do something about it. Don’t stop until you are pleased with the turn out.

If you studied a particular program in university or college, but you don’t particularly like what you studied, break out of that too. Find what you like, youtube your way into making a living out of it or better yet register in a rewarding class that would equip you with the skills you need.

The economy is not all bad really. Allow yourself to see the opportunity in the situation.

They say if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well it’s giving you lemons, quit discounting it’s value and make lemonade already…

Start Creating!

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Dami is the Founder and Creative Director of Dudunorth. She has an immense passion for media, marketing and all things creative.

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