I tried the VIP Cinema experience this past Friday for the first time. You know just to see how the rich watch movies on the big screen.  In the past I must admit I had thought “why the heck would I pay for VIP treatment at the movies…like seriously? it’s tough enough paying $14 to watch a movie that is likely already pirated and available online…”

Anyways after the experience, let’s just say someday soon I won’t mind being rich enough to watch a movie for $51. Oh mind you that’s without taking advantage of the valet parking service.  Paid $25 to see the movie and spent $26 on food and drinks…just me…not two people, just me :/

So like I said, I didn’t take advantage of valet parking, instead I drove my little honda up to the movies and had to park my car myself. Imagine that! Parking my car myself in the rain. The rich don’t do that! shuuu!!!

After getting wet a little, I finally make my way in, where I was greeted in such a boojie way.  It’s like night and day when you compare the cinema for the masses to the cinema for the rich.  I promise you it was different.  The people were different.  The layout was different.  There were no lineups.  It was VERY civilized in there.

Ok, let’s shorten this babble a little.  my barcode is scanned, I get a ticket, proceed to my cinema hall, locate my seat.  Yes I had an assigned seat O_o.  Very much like boarding a plane…only it’s not coach/economy…it’s freaking first class.


Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a tad.

Did I mention that you don’t struggle in with your popcorn, nachos, drink, napkins, condiments and ticket in one random location such as your back pocket? Oh no, there’s no struggle entry.  You sit in your reclining chair and stretch your hand over like a rich man towards the menu.  Please attempt this all like you haven’t been watching movies in the “basic” cinema. LOL. Fake it till you make it.


Ok seriously, you should definitely try it out, if you haven’t already…just for the fun of it.  Oh and *ahem* guys please regard what the man in the video says about first dates, well that’s if you’re one of those guys who make movies part of the dating game.

What are you trying out this weekend?


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  1. Omoye, Reply

    Lol Dami I’m sorry y’all have to pay so much for this… this is pretty much SMG (Studio Movie Grill). It’s my fav theater in Houston. Prices there are the same as regular US theaters and I can even get a discount with Groupon so I end up paying $5-6 for a ticket or $8-13 for 3D movies.

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