Considering the length of the video, I would spare you long literature and summarize.

I completed my MBA last June and with the poor employment opportunities out there, I have struggled with re-entering the work force.

It all started with a lag in hearing back from hiring managers.  Eventually, I started getting calls but they were calls for jobs way below my qualifications or prior work experience so I held out for something better.  By the end of the year, I got a very promising job as a Marketing Manager, however due to budget constraints, the job was retracted 5 weeks after the looooong delay in presenting the offer letter. {It’s important to note that you should not stop searching for a job until you have signed the offer letter, employers are not your parents, your well being is not their number one priority.  It’s a dog eat dog world, you fight for yourself}

I started the new year with a broke ass, no job, no house and a lot of nothing but I was determined to win in the race to employment.  I sought advice from any and everyone.  I developed a 37-page portfolio of most of my work experience, made extra effort to build my network (LinkedIn included), wrote  letters to people in authority that I may never have had the guts to write to a couple of years back.  I had nothing to lose was the way I saw it.  I walked into companies and had on the spot interviews.  I saw opportunities and latched on.  There is great gain in knowing people.  It’s not always how smart you are, it’s really who you know.

At the end of the day, if you work hard, build relationships and have faith strong enough to propel you to heights that you may not even dream feasible you would achieve.  STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  Getting noticed in the 21st century takes a little more work than it used to.

I’ve inserted a video of my experience, attempting to cover the salient points in “7 days”.  Although it is long, it would pay you to watch it.  I promise.


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