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One Response to “Valeria (OloriV) | Cross-Cultural Passion | Dudunorth Interview”

  1. QUEEN, Reply

    Great piece òręmi Olori bawo ni shey alafia nio wa? it was a great read and Im so proud of u the way you have embraced our culture is amazing my sister in-law is Swedish and both of you are similar when she comes over it would be nice if u both met that would be so cool.
    I loved your pink dress above far cry from what you wore at the wedding which opened your eyes lol……..great blog too quite different from the norm Olori I am now following you on instagram I have so many peeps who want to follow me only to bombard me wit promotions so i only allow close tight nit friends and family I have about 800 friends on FB I don’t want my instagram to get out of hand like FB, but olori u are welcome only BUT is no promos lol no kidding, Thanks for loving our colourful culture I love it too. Peace Im out…..

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