If you have not heard someone tell you not to give up, you have read it somewhere…We are told not to give up, keep pressing on, keep pushing, keep on keeping on e.t.c.  The intensity of this phrase holds more wisdom when it is completed with “…on your dreams”

That is:


If you’re like me, you’ve made some really dumb moves or rolled out plans without educated strategies.  It’s totally normal.  However, there are times when all the effort you’ve invested in something should be considered a sunk cost because IT. IS. NOT. your dream.  You’re probably doing it because you saw someone else do it or you felt, “oh, I can do that too” sigh! human errors!  You will excel in that which you have a passion doing, not just in wealth but in happiness.  If you work so hard in getting something done, but derive no pleasure from it, you are short changing yourself.  Fulfillment is composed of many things, one of which is happiness.

I desperately wanted to add in a comic to this post 😐 so uhm…


Anyways…the next time you consider giving up, make sure it’s on something that you are not passionate about.  If it’s on your dream, you’ll be foolish to turn away because it is too hard or it takes time or whatever other baseless excuse you can come up with.

They say the best things in life are free…but those things also require effort to build and maintain.  Put your back into it!  It’s not over till you can no longer breathe.

Dami is the Founder and Creative Director of Dudunorth. She has an immense passion for media, marketing and all things creative.

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