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I had mentioned this so casually but I feel it is imperative to reiterate.  A lot of times we are so afraid to take that risk, do that daring thing … even think that thought just because we are unreasonably fearful of the results.  I like to consider myself a spontaneous person.  I’d think before I act most times but other times if the thought lingered a little too long, becoming a recurring thought, I’d just do it and get it over and done with.  In those moments, I’ve got this weird unending itch…so I end the itch.  It’s really that simple.

In the cases where it’s a really stupid thing that adds no value whatsoever to life, I most definitely resort to wise counsel, to slap the itch out.  Other times, when I know wise counsel would destroy the potential benefits of an amazing adventure, I do what I want.  THINK for a second on the opportunities missed just because you are too afraid to take a dive.  What’s that about?

Grab life in the gut and give it your best shot.  The very first time I used this “20 seconds of insane courage” as a guide to life, I gathered up all the courage in me and told a guy I liked him (bear in mind that I’m the greatest opposer to this)…ladies, don’t do that, ever…actually no, DO IT! lol.  You’ll feel stupid if he doesn’t like you back, which he most likely may not considering men are natural hunters…they see what they like and they take it.  However, what you would have done is taken one step closer to chucking him out and moving on.  In my opinion, it’s a win-win.  Oh and no this was not in my toddler, teen years, it was in my old age.  We live and learn.  No regrets as they say just a bunch of memorable lessons.

So take that trip to Italy, start that project, call up that girl that’s clearly out of your league (yes there is such a thing)…if all you’ll feel in the end is a little silly, I’ll say it’s worth the risk…cause you never know till you try.

This applies to harmless activities…OBVIOUSLY!

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Here are a few benefits of being spontaneous that I came across on Elite Daily, it’s worth the read

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