Get your crayons out and paint a picture worth being described as ‘Happy’

We get so enveloped or trapped in the difficulty and challenges that every life is filled with, that we forget that once upon a time, ‘we had a dream’.  Where’s that dream of success, that picture of purpose that you once had? Find the picture and paint it.

Today you might only find one coloured crayon, go ahead and shade that ‘red’ into the picture.  Someday you’ll find a purple crayon, another day a blue crayon…and at the end of the day (your life) you can look back at a beautiful picture you painted, where every stroke has a story to tell.  Make sense of the turbulence.  Show your challenges who the boss is!



Dami is the Founder and Creative Director of Dudunorth. She has an immense passion for media, marketing and all things creative.

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