Sometimes you need to get soooo low to get soooo high!

Ever hit a wall so hard that your eyes are forced into immediate tears?  when you fall so hard that you feel you cannot recover from it? or when you try everything you know how but still you remain stuck, unmoved in a ridiculous fix.  It’s such a FOOLISH and UNNECESSARY phase…NOT!

Let’s think about this.

Walk with me here.

So here’s your life at this point.  MISERY.  Misery is all that describes it to you.  You are a miserable little nobody with no way out, well so you think.  Imagine you’re in a room with no windows, just…a plain white room.  You are left to make friends with your thoughts.

When you’re making friends, the natural procession is to ask questions.  Right? That’s how you get to know yourselves.  Now get to know your thoughts to uncover that secret that lies within…’cause as we know or should know, what we need to survive lies within us, if we only take  a minute to uncover it.

Now think about why you are there.  What’s the reason for the misery.  How would you repair the situation if you had the resources to do so.  Imagine for just a second what you would do to relieve yourself from your situation if you could…what would you do to make sure that you NEVER EVER felt that way again?  You need to discover what modifications are vital.

That imagination…that result of your experience or your so called “MISERY” is your opportunity to get so mad at life and yourself that you choose to do something that will change your life forever.  That MISERY.  That helplessness is your opportunity.  Grab it!

If you let it go, best believe that you would be right back in that position sometime soon.

A great idea is hardly bred in the midst of surplus…but in the presence of insufficiency.

Allow yourself to get mad…get so mad that the creativity of your idea reveals the height of your madness.


Uhm….I did not send you to go and smoke o!

Dami is the Founder and Creative Director of Dudunorth. She has an immense passion for media, marketing and all things creative.

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