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Every year people make new years’ resolutions, which is all nice an dandy.  If you’ve got one started already, that’s great.  I for one have sucked woefully at it.  After writing up my “list” of to-do’s and will-do’s I consistently lost the paper year-after-year so I’ve officially given up on that tradition.


This year, putting together a VISION BOARD, I think would help in achieving expectations for 2014.  Although the new year really is just another day, however the illusion that the slate of our old lives has been wiped clean is an idea that I believe should be entirely exploited.

So what’s a vision board?


For those who have never heard about it or seen one before, it’s essentially a board on which you cut out and paste pictures of things you would like to achieve, traits you would like to have, words to encourage you e.t.c.  The idea of the board is to create a VISUAL reminder on a daily basis of what you want to achieve.

For me, one thing that’s going on my board is a picture of a first class ticket.  I must fly first class! lol.  Flying economy class/coach is a huge motivator to do better!

The airline I flew and location I sat on my 26 hour flight this past Christmas forced me to reconsider my current work efforts.  In short, I’m not pulling my weight.  Hard work brings more money and more money makes stressful tasks easier to handle.  It’s as simple as that.  Putting the first class ticket on my vision board would constantly remind me of my terrible experience this past Christmas that made me want to beg the pilot to pullover.

Sharing/Exchanging each accomplishment from your  vision board with a friend/confidant would create more room for accountability and self-fulfilment.

Feel free to send pictures of your vision boards in to  Anonymity is allowed if it makes you more willing to share.

LET’s hit the ground running!!

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  1. Kola, Reply

    I normally don’t make resolutions but i definitely made one this year.

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