As a celebration of the 53rd Nigerian Independence day, a social campaign to support a Nigerian business owner in financial distress has been developed by Dudunorth.

To support this campaign, a few bloggers and entrepreneurs have donated funds to bridge the gap in a Nigerian residents’ business finances.  If you own a business and you’ve been facing major financial setbacks, we want to help you get back on your feet by investing in your craft.

There are only THREE requirements:

  1. You must be a Nigerian resident (i.e. Nigeria is your permanent country of residence)
  2. You are facing a MAJOR financial business challenge
  3. You make less than N160,000/month

To participate,

Scroll down to the comment section and answer these three questions:

  • What is your craft (business)?
  • Have you started this business?
  • Why do you need financial support? Explain very briefly


Deadline to participate: September 30th, 2013

On October 1st, three individuals would be chosen for an interview (regarding your need).  Of these three, ONE individual would emerge as the winner and presented with a cheque exceeding $1,000 (N160,000)

All the best 🙂

***Don’t forget to subscribe/like the donor’s websites/Face book pages to stay updated on their crafts
Pink Pearl Foundation
The Kaleidoscopian
Shot by Shakes
M.I.M Chronicles
Omon Imo
Design Cook Love
Change and Revolution
Sh3 Is…
Tubi Films

**p.s: you can comment on behalf of a friend, but the winning prize must be claimed by the friend 

Dami is the Founder and Creative Director of Dudunorth. She has an immense passion for media, marketing and all things creative.

41 Responses to “Nigerian Independence Day Campaign – ‘Drop Coin For Change’”

    • Akibo Oluwatomilola, Reply

      1. I want to fully launch out my photography business.
      2. I have not really started, Just invested in a camera this year.
      3. I need to finish paying up for the camera and invest in other materials to help me improve.

  1. Stan, Reply

    1. We sell international magazine subscriptions, distributing directly and through our website,

    2. The business has already commenced operations.

    3. We require funds for digital marketing and for the hiring and training of a sales associate to help us boost sales.

  2. ikechukwu onyeukwu, Reply

    1. We Operate a soup kitchen. Making soup deliveries to customers anywhere in Lagos. We provide Indigenous African Soups.

    2. The Business has commenced since 2013.

    3. The funds will come in handy to expand the business and enable us procure additional materials and also boost our seed capital.

  3. Oyesanya Ayoola, Reply

    1. We are an IT solution Company
    2. Yes, the business is operational
    3. The fund will be used tO acquire eqipments for expansion and better productivity

  4. Amama, Reply

    1. I operate a design house producing african inspired tshirts, hand-made accessories (brooches, fascinators, hair pieces, earrings, etcetera), art pieces and mirrors.

    2. Business commenced in 2010.

    3. Funds are greatly required in order to hire a sales/marketing associate, procure materials and generally expand.

  5. Fashanu Abiola, Reply

    1. Tailoring
    2. Yes
    3. I need the money to buy more/better sewing equipments and materials which will in turn enable me accommodate more customers and ultimately expand my tailoring business. Plus it will be the best birthday present as october 1st happens to also be my birthday 🙂

  6. Bunmi, Reply

    1. I own a business that offers jewelry and makeup needs for everyday glamor and special events.

    2. Yes, the business started in 2009.

    3. I need financial support to help rebrand my business. I want to reopen my website, create a new logo, etc.

  7. Joshua I., Reply

    1. A Mobile Phone Health App available on the Andriod App Store. Our app integrates most tele-medical services including a Symptom Checker, Hospital Locator Service, First Aid Box Lifestyle planning and dieting tools.

    2. Hopefully, our App Launching event will hold on Friday, 20th October and will be available on the Andriod App Store immediately after.

    3. To fund a colorful app launching event that would help us gain users for mobile app competitions we’ll be applying to thereafter, including the MTN Mobile Apps Challenge.

  8. Ola O., Reply

    1. Our Business is an Online E-Commerce Site, created to Provide, Advertise and Market Products and Services. We are set to provide Quality Products and Services, matching it with Quantity as well, with the utmost satisfaction of our Clients in mind.

    2. Yes, we have commenced Business, though it is not fully launched.

    3. We need Funds to invest more into the Business, in terms of making available more Products on the Website, for existing and prospective Clients to order from and also, to fully launch the Business.

  9. Gbenga Alaran, Reply

    1. Our goal is to revolutionalize Nigeria’s snack industry.

    To this end last month we launched a “first-in-Nigeria” product: ChinChin made with whole wheat flour and honey. Furthermore, we tinkered with the other usual ingredients or didn’t use them at all, to come up with a healthier, higher value, alternative to “regular” ChinChin.

    We believe that if Nigerians can appreciate whole wheat bread, then they can appreciate whole wheat ChinChin.

    2. Yes.

    3. Having produced and packaged five test batches – in our kitchen – to sample public opinion, we now seek financing for:
    > Purchase of dough mixer and dough cutter
    > NAFDAC Registration
    > Marketing to high-end stores in high-affluence areas of Lagos since our product is a high-value, niche product.

    Thanks for considering us.

  10. Deji Sotonwa, September 13, 2013, Reply

    1. I manage a corporate writing company known as Document Developers, registered since 2010 and situated in Allen Avenue Lagos. Our business purpose is to help entrepreneurs and organisations professionally write, prepare and package their business proposals, company profiles, business Plans and publications using international best practice Guaranteed!.

    2. we have been able to help a couple of organizations prepare their proposals, company profiles and business plans. Corporate writing services is a greatly needed services because people find it difficult to compose their ideas and thought into a write up they can easily communicate to others.

    3. Right now, i manage a little space with a friend at Allen Avenue to do my writing works using his own computer system to do my work. I need the fund to assist me purchase my own Laptop so i can work conveniently both from office and home., Also print my own company profile for the purpose of marketing corporate organization and build a corporate website to sell our writing services online,. we have a vision to sell corporate writing templates online… I will be grateful if you can assist this vision with the fund.. we have a vision to build a world class corporate writing company that is proudly African. We will be glad to send you some copies of our writing workings via emails or hard copy. We are for real! Thanks A lot for giving me the opportunity to share our business vision with you.

  11. Ola O., Reply

    1. Our Business is an Online Retail and Merchandise Store, created to Provide, Advertise and Market Products and Services. We are set to provide Quality Products and Services, matching it with Quantity as well, with the utmost satisfaction of our Clients in mind. You can visit to check out more details and order too.

    2. Yes, we have commenced Business, though it is not fully launched.

    3. We need funds to invest in the Business, in terms of making available more Products on the Website for existing and prospective Clients to order from.

    Thank you for the platform and the opportunity.

  12. Caleb Maiye, Reply

    (1.) My business is designing t shirts with shoe laces. It is called ‘Lace on Tees by Caleb’. Basically, design patterns or names and wordings that are printed on the t shirts are done with shoe laces, usually multicolored to bring out a certain aesthetic beauty. (2) I have commenced operations, on a small scale, selling to friends and family who have fallen in love with the idea and i have had a mini exhibition in school.. (3.) I require funds to operate on a larger scale which would involve, employing a staff of 2, purchase a sewing machine, source for plain t shirts and shoe laces which are the basic materials used in production and to create target online advertising and build an e-commerce website. for the business where people can buy the shirts from.

  13. Lumo Naturals, Reply

    1. We run the first natural hair salon in Abuja
    2. No, we will be opening in October
    3. We will use the funds to purchase more equipments and also hire more hands to run the salon.

  14. Akobi Elizabeth Olubukola, Reply

    I own a government approved Nursery/Primary School (Tolulomo Kiddies Centre, Saki). I started the school business in 1988. It has been very difficult to maintain the business in terms of payment of salaries, managing the school’s assets and getting modern academic gadgets to foster business and maintain relevant in the highly competitive environment most especially since most parent-customers are hugely indebted to the school. The business is near collapse and needs urgent financial assistance.

  15. Mr. Lawal Nurudeen, Reply

    1. I run a school – Goodness and Mercy Nursery & Primary School.
    2. I started it in 1995.
    3. I need assistance in expanding the cost of the school making it more academic friendly in a bid to attract more customers and make more profit.

  16. Mrs Nkechi Vivian Nduonofit, Reply

    1. My Craft (Business) is Buying Frozen Fish from Fishing Companies and Selling in Retail to consumers.

    2. I have not started the Business.

    3. I need financial Support in order to help me start the business. I need the money to buy a small deep freezer to store the Fish, I also need the money to buy a Generator that will help supply light when Power Holding Company Nigeria (PHCN) takes the light so that my goods don’t get spoilt and Finally I need the money to rent a Shop so that I can have a place to keep my goods and Equipment.

  17. Modupe Adebisi Aluko, Reply

    1 I’m a make up artist with a good knowledge in bridal, runway, photoshoot and special effect.s.
    2 I started in 2011.
    3. I need financial support because working from home has not been easy, i need to get a space to set up my own studio and to train people aspiring to become a make up artist

  18. Oiza Omoluabi, Reply

    1. My business is production of cakes and pastries .
    2. The business has been operational since 2011.
    3. I need financial support so I can purchase machines/tools that will enable efficient production , leading to expansion of the business and employment of labour.

  19. Obasa Olorunfemi, Reply

    1. A Tech Startup that Specializes in using e-learning using chat applications to improve Education in Africa.

    2. YES

    3. Financial Support is needed for purchase of stronger & better devices, App development and Increased reach.

  20. Tosin Opaleye, Reply

    1. I’m a professional make-up artist
    2. Yes I started in 2012, the business name has been registered under corporate affairs commission (C.A.C)
    3. I need financial support to set up my own makeup studio to enable me to train students the techniques and tips of makeup, to be independent and passionate.

  21. Ngblaq, Reply

    *I am a professional Fashion Consultant and trainer that trains people on how to do fashion craft like ankara accessories , ankara & Pure leather Bags/purse, Ankara and pure leather Sandals,shoes(heel & flat).
    *Yes I have started the business since January 2013.
    * I need financial support to set up a small school for the training my student and to buy more machines and other equipment for students to use for the training in creating self employment for people.

  22. Ifede Oluwayimika Oluwamide, Reply

    1. A social media expert. Leader of the team that developed Africa’s First Socio-Educational Networking Site – . Palhood is a site where you meet new people and make friends and at the same time educate and be educated by others.
    2. Yes. Palhood was launched 16th August, 2012.
    3. I need financial support to promote Palhood through strong online and offline advertisement campaign. To also run some pending national development programmes e.g: Annual Palhood Creative E-Writing Contest. If promoted to the point of success, Palhood has the capability to employ thousands of creative Nigerian youths.

  23. linda, Reply

    (1) I have a resort by the water front i build it with just only four rooms in lagos, i relly love to move back to nigeria, (2) i spent all the money that have been saving in holland for 13yrs just to have bussiness in nigeria (3), is not easy bcos of finacail problems n distance i weep evryday of my life seeing all that i have labord for is going down, am in holland now since febury just to gather money or pathner that can help me to bring linblue back to life but till now have not got anyhelp, my dreams is to see linblue back to life, I only look up to GOD, may GOD bless pple like you that think of ppl like us in nigeria,

  24. Eniola Cornelius Mayowa., Reply


    Yes. Work has started on the farm.

    I need the fund for expansion and diversification; people need to eat, everybody.

  25. Okeowo Dara, Reply

    1. Its a Corporate Catering business – We supply cooked food to corporate organizations.

    2. Yes and also registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

    3. I need financial assistance to buy some utensils and equipments that’ll make my through-put easier to accomplish. Some of these equipments are – Commercial gas cooker for outdoor cooking, More larger pots and pans, Coolers and printing of stickers for my branded plastics.

    • Olaoluwa Balogun, Reply

      1. We provide computer programming trainings of less than 4000naira to great young minds in Nigerian universities . We organize the largest computer training program on Nigerian campus. Our students are trained to create IT solutions and not to look for IT jobs. And we have great success stories. Check us out @ or

      2. YES. We have started operations.

      3. We need funding to extend our program to other universites in the country.

  26. Dodo, Reply

    1. I slave for a corporate slave trader.
    2. Yes, 9am to 5pm
    3. Need funding for salary advance.

  27. Dee, Reply

    Similar to Dodo
    1. I’m a ladder climber, in my office. Climbing ladder for peanuts
    2. YES, started since 2010. No idea what year II’d get to the top of the ladder.
    3. Need money to sort all the debts accumulated over this period of time..

  28. Tochukwu Ufondu, Reply

    1. eCommerce.

    2. NO, still at face1 of setting up the project.

    3. Need financial assistance to wrap up face1 of the project and complete the face 2 in-order to commence business in the projected standard because “What’s what worth doing at all is worth doing well”.

  29. Adrian ONWUNALI, Reply

    1. My business is an online real estate company/housing company that is aimed at helping individuals easily find property/houses, market their property and also into house moving truck rental services as well as interior decor. that is house/property management online company as a whole.

    2. Yes I have

    3. I need the cash mainly to kick start the marketing push of the company brand as well as finishing touches to the backend of the website

  30. Edeh Alexander, Reply

    1. Our craft is Multimedia Post-Production Services.
    2. Time of inception was the 2nd quarter of this year.
    3.,The funds would really come in handy to clone (customise) a much needed superior workstation (a computer with 1terabyte of storage, 8GB of RAM with a core I5 processor and a dedicated graphics processing unit) for high definition special effects and 3D renders so as to compete favourably with the rising demand for high quality, timely and efficient delivery of audio/visual production services in the ever growing Nigerian entertainment industry.

  31. Friday Demola, Reply

    1. The craft is a FREE online news publishing about what is happening in the city of Agege
    2. The crafts has not yet started for few reasons
    3. We need the financial support because right now we only registered the site on wordpress but we want to buy the domain name so that people we will know us with the name. so it will look like a standard site.
    a. We want to print close to 10,000fliers out so that we can distribute it to students after schools.
    b. We want to buy costumes for the team members that will be distributing this fliers in Agege city
    c. We need to buy a mini-computer or Laptop which we can be using to work

    Agege News is a page created for the people of Agege Community in order for them to share the quality information about the city in unique ways with the other people of the world. The site will give the young people the advantage to interact more with each other, unlike over 1,000 current websites we have handling by our Nigerian big sisters and big brothers.
    The site is a vision by a Teenager which we want to use in order to send messages across to other teenagers in Agege and its environs. Because right now we have teenagers with pregnancy almost every month, teenagers smoking, and teenagers dropping out of school for unnecessarily reasons which has to stop.

    We might not be taken when randomly selecting the 3 people, we have faith tho, but we will still like people or organizations to support this CAUSE and we will be so much glad

    You can check the blog on
    Thanks for the opportunity like this, I am inspired to do something like this in the nearest future.
    Friday Demola
    Twitter: @Snowall_Dempo

  32. Tolulope, Reply

    1) We make cakes and cupcakes for all types of events. We offer new flavours new, exciting flavours like s’mores, hullas (chocolate and cayenne pepper) and more. We also personalize our cupcakes to make them extra special.
    2) Yes, I have started my business. It commenced October 2013.
    3) I need funds to buy bigger, better equipments and to employ more hands. All these will help make productivity easier.

  33. Micah Eradiri, Reply

    1. My craft is actually a Magazine I’m working on called Teens Connect
    2. Yes I have but because of insufficient funds I haven’t been able to actualize my dreams of connecting teenagers around the world using the magazine as a mentoring tool.
    3. I need financial support to actualize my dreams. A dream of connecting teenagers from around the world. I believe that Nigeria can be a role model to other countries. I have the God giving talent in writing and interacting. I not having funds haven’t made me rest on my oasis because I’ve been combining school work and the magazine together. I believe that miracles can really happen. I plan to launch the Magazine this December with $1000. My dream is nearing its actualization.
    N/B: For full proof of how far I’ve gone about the magazine. Here’s our basic infos
    My Blog:
    We here @ Teens Connect we don’t work for people we work with people. That’s what makes us stand out. I and my friends have been saving from our pocket money. It has really taking a deep toll on us. We have built a fan page connecting teens from around the world. We work by faith. #Pray #Believe #YesWeCan
    To inspire and raise God fearing teens built with true values across the world.
    Using the magazine as a mentoring tool to reach out and connect with teens, youths and parents alike to make our world a better place.

    Thanks for an opportunity like this, Am really inspired by your kind gesture. God bless you
    Micah Eradiri

  34. BOlanle, Reply

    1. Fashion production and sales
    2. Yes, the business is running
    3. To increase production of our “low -mid-end” fashion pieces, and increase distribution channel. Obtaining easy loans with low interests is “almost impossible”.

  35. popt, Reply

    Craft-Life Coaching program designed to inspire and empower children (aged 6-16) to achieve success. Our purpose is to unlock the potential in every child, helping them to help themselves and to fulfill their ultimate dreams and ambitions.The one thing that has the greatest impact on children’s happiness, confidence, and success in life…is their mindset!It’s how they choose to think about themselves and what is possible for their lives.
    -Commenced business in the summer of 2013.
    -Am a SAHM(stay-at-home -mom) and started this programme after the birth of my twins with no money at all, i mean no capital….i managed to type proposal from my laptop and sent them to schools email address, i got a call from a school to do a workshop during this last summer, the fund i will be receiving would be used to buy a projector and printer and also create sales literature.. This would enable better presentation of the program to clients and participants.

  36. Yem bee, Reply

    The Craft business is Jewellery making specifically Bead making, Hat making, Aso oke Neating (to be included) Photography of some sort as the business invested in a professional camera and some other equipments recently to boost sales and this has brought a major financial setback to the business.
    These materials that is Beads and Hat could be used everyday depending on the customer’s preference and on the occasion or they could also be specifically designed to suit the customer’s needs for events like Weddings, burials, Birthday, inaguration programme, Normal Sunday Services and Many more.

    The business is in operation. It started in Lagos Nigeria in 2009 but has however had a retarded growth in accordance to plan due to insufficient funds on a monthly basis for expansion.

    The funds will come in handy for expansion, restrategising and rebranding of the business in order to make profit and to giveback to the society by posting free tutorials online.
    As an entrepreneur with a God given talent, skills, who has also invested so much in acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge and so many ideas but limited due to insufficient funds, I am seeking funds that will assist my business to be a name that will be reckoned with in Nigeria- The funds will be used specifically to get
    1) A business operating premises- An office or a shop because at this stage the business is operated from home and this has brought a limitation to the image branding of the business
    2) Equipments needed to start up Aso –Oke Neating
    3) A website and a blog to showcase my works online and produce videos to teach others freely on how to do it themselves thereby giving back to the society of which as far as I am aware there is no platform of such In Nigeria. Everybody want to teach others for a fee and no body is willing to make a sacrifice for others
    4) Equipments needed to set up a printing studio i.e printing the professional photographs, getting a proper digital camera for covering events and editing materials.
    We will be grateful if you can assist this vision with the fund..We will be glad to send you some pictures of our work via email or by hard copy. We are real!!
    I as the CEO can also guarantee that this fund will not be mis-managed but will be used effectively and can also promise with feasibility studies that the amount would have tripled its worth this time next year. Thanks a great deal for giving me the opportunity to share our business vision with you. Looking forward to a positive

    Please Note: The business is experiencing great financial setback because 95% of its capital and profit was invested in the purchase of a professional DSLR camera and other accessories (summer 2013) recently to bring about diversification and the returns of the DSLR camera cannot be harnessed immediately because of the great needs of the business (listed above) to fully harness profit. Furthermore, the business does not make 160,000 Naira monthly but with the availability of this sum….. All the potentials of the business would be fully actualized and developed

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