“Hi Lumi, wassup?”

“Hey D, …”

we talk for a bit and then Lumi goes into a full fledged conversation of his plans …

On my end of the conversation, I had partially disengaged myself from the actual conversation and began to marvel at the character of the conversation.

Listening to the “surface” of the conversation, the chances are that the common perception was that he was justexpressing himself, ain’t no biggy...  To me, I was on an inspirational and motivational adventure.  As Lumi spoke, it was difficult to bypass the extent of passion in his voice, the depth of knowledge revealed itself with every sentence he strung along.

In a few minutes we had touched on several topics, one of which was Dudulive and with that, if I wasn’t already blown away, I was now.  He made a mark with these words, “D, remember how this all started (here he was referring to Dudulive but..), when you called me and said……..now it has become this, you see the things that are golden are those that we didn’t plan for“.

In those words, it was evident that Dudulive wasn’t the focus of discussion but a life lesson for him.  Olumide Adewunmi has passion engraved in his speech, action and delivers it in his result.  With such dedication, focus and purpose, there’s no telling what Gidilounge would become in the next couple of years.  A brand starting from a playlist, which I’m sure we all have, to a Gidi-empire, one cannot deny that it takes a certain caliber of man to turn a mere iTunes list into GIDILOUNGE

Gidilounge has indeed come a long way.

Here’s an interview Olumide had with Ben TV a while back

The prosperity of GIDILOUNGE, didnt come from just the support of the fans or the involvement of the team, but majorly from the propeller of the dream.  

Olumide Adewumi is the secret a failed business lacked 

Dami is the Founder and Creative Director of Dudunorth. She has an immense passion for media, marketing and all things creative.

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