It’s February, a girls best month.

All the jewels, the crystals, the chocolates, the mushy-luvy-duvy-cards, the perfume, the teddy bears, the kisses, hugs and the list continues…make this one of the most anticipated months.

I personally anticipate December, above all other months, but that’s besides the point.

This month, I would be having two Duduviews up, God willing, provided, all goes well…Dudulive would be having a giveaway on the Valentines days, February 13th show on gidilounge radio.  If you have failed to tune in for previous episodes, tune in for this one.  It’s going to be worth your time and there would be one or two lucky winners.

During the month, I would like us to participate in something I have somewhat assumed in this head of mine to be fun.

Here goes…

I bet many of us have had that one-off relationship where things just didn’t work out.  Say for example, you had this boyfriend who lived in a completely different city and you decided to surprise him, only to find out that he surprised you…lol.  You knock on the door and who opens, his real chic, whom you initially assumed was the side chic.  As if that was not enough, you had nowhere else to turn as you were far from home, not enough cash on you to rent a hotel, so you park on his couch, while he goes upstairs with his “real-chic”, then sends you home with a cab to the airport the next day.

Talk about a MESS…

That didn’t happen to me, but one of my blog friends in the past…

Now if you have that sort of story share it in the comment section or mail me at  It would be fun to share a short story for the 29 days of February.

Send me those stories….if you don’t have a story send in the most upsetting phrase a guy or girl has ever told you, e.g “Hook me up with your sister”, meanwhile you’ve liked him for a year and counting…

Dami is the Founder and Creative Director of Dudunorth. She has an immense passion for media, marketing and all things creative.

2 Responses to “It’s February”

  1. D-LightFull, Reply

    OH yeah!!! I’ve gotten the sister thing so many times.
    My sister is a hottie, and so am I, but not like she… She is 5’6, light skin, straight hair attraction. So, diamond in the rough that I am, I’ve had too many dudes ask me to hook them up with the sister. The first might have been awkward, but after a few, I just gave up… She pretty, and they like her… But she ain’t single no more. LOL

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