Starting early in the year, I set out a giveaway challenge, with 3 weeks to submit pictures.

A few people sent in their pictures and now it’s up to you, the readers to decide who wins.

If you weren’t aware of the challenge, the details are on here.

In summary, based on these pictures, which outfit would you say deserves their requested item.

Sephora clutch by Todun Designs

Contestant ONE for the clutch

Contestant TWO

Contestant THREE


Tobi by Todun Designs

Contestant FOUR for the bow-tie

Contestant 4b

Chloe by Andrea Iyamah

Contestant FIVE for the Chloe jacket

Bamako Bangles by Beautiful Afrique

Contestant SIX

These contestants are dressed as they would wear these items if they owned them.  Who do you think, deserves to own what they’re dressed to match?

Voting ends on Jan 31st at 11:59:59 pm.

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12 Responses to “THE January Giveaway”

  1. kim, Reply

    Is contestant 2 winning for her outfit or the bag, in my opinion her outfit would clash with the bag

  2. monadeekos, Reply


  3. monadeekos, Reply

    you can only vote once? i think the guys should be separate for the bow tie. i wanna vote..again.

  4. cool, Reply

    contestant ONE all the way.. it goes way better with her outfit

  5. rahamatulah, Reply

    He deserves it,he luks swt in it.

  6. Babagana Shettima Bukar, Reply

    how comes, the contestant One be the first choice to so many people while we have the best of the best Contestant 4B…, never mind me am just hailing my contestant she

  7. zulie, Reply

    Awsome with the bolt tie, contestant number six

  8. rukky atta, Reply

    Nyc outfit

  9. korede Ojo, Reply

    Contestant 4b is style is too fab…you rock. And for the clutch, contestant one should ace it

  10. damilola, Reply

    Contestant four B deserves dis

  11. yemi, Reply

    Whoa! Contestant 2 you have been voting pass midnight because contestant 3 was the winner at 11:59:59pm with more than 600 votes and you were at 400 something votes.

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