This solidarity amongst Nigerians is the best we have seen in years. When the strike started people thought it would be over by the 3rd day, apparently not.  It’s the 4th day and Nigerians are even more determined, stronger and more vibrant than when they started.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria, has endorsed the removal of fuel subsidy by the federal government, but remember that this is not the voice of the youth. Youth all over Nigeria have marched their protest to the street to protest the fuel subsidy removal.

Don’t you think there is dirty politics playing here? but then again Nigerian politics is dirty. FULLSTOP!

How are we sure that the council hasn’t been greased on the palm, and pressured to accept this unfavourable policy? Time will tell!

Subsidy removal may not necessarily be a bad thing…. looking at the economy and where the country’s GDP is at today which is about 7.4% and with the supposed argument, the GDP should rise to 15% if the subsidy removal is implemented, but this is not the right time. The government has not provided any alternative to the removal of oil subsidy….

Alternatives like good transportation system (such as effective bus systems, efficient railway system implementation) at affordable prices, good roads, better infrastructure, reduced budget for their cabinets, reduced corruption, constant electricity, pipe borne water, food availability-helping the rural farmers with modernised farming tools and providing good fertilizers for them to purchase…e.t.c are definitely to be considered before the fuel subsidy removal would be considered (with a price renegotiation of course).

The Nigerian government has failed to place their priorities right.  We have a bunch of incompetent leaders talking like like academicians to Nigerians who don’t understand.  BIG English get’s us nowhere.  We understand cause and effect and if the effects don’t sit well with the citizens then we cease to make head way.

‘Cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal first, before you throw people out the window’. …..  This is obviously an era of miscommunication…so far so good; the government is not making any sense, has not been making any sense but we hope to see the fruits of #occupyNigeria in due time.

In the other light of events, the Chairman of Trade Union Congress in Ekiti State, Mr. Kolawole Olaiya, has berated Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole for accepting membership of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme Board.

Olaiya said Oshiomhole’s acceptance of the appointment and issuance of a statement in support of subsidy removal was an indication that the former Nigeria Labour Congress President was no longer on the side of the masses.

He said, “We expect him (Oshiomhole) as a former labour leader not to support the removal of subsidy and to be on the side of workers.

By issuing a statement that he supports the removal of subsidy means that he supports them. It means that he has abdicated his former status as a labour leader. He has joined the political leaders to rob workers of their welfare.

We are fighting this subsidy removal for the future of this country and generations after us will commend us for resisting this obnoxious policy.”

He urged the government to revert to the old pump price of N65 per litre, saying the price hike had subjected Nigerians to untold hardship.

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