I know the past few days haven’t moved as smoothly as I had originally intended, but the good news is…the photos are in.

Meaning the poll for day FIVE is now closed.

Currently, Odudu is in the lead, 3 – 2.  Let’s keep those votes coming in..I’m hoping for a ‘tie-breaker’ photo but it’s all up to you.

If you’re just joining in, here are days ONE – FIVE






and here’s the challenge for day SIX

A box of chocolates 

PDO Photography

Prince's chocolate

Odudu Photography

Odudu's chocolate

Cast your votes!

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18 Responses to “Photography Challenge – Day SIX”

  1. DOP, Reply

    no more photos??

  2. Dinho, Reply


  3. Pjackson, Reply

    Very creative Odudu!

  4. Slim, Reply

    I like the human element to PDO’s photo.. its not just chocolates int he picture.. PDO wins for me..

  5. Tinesha, Reply


    • Tinesha, Reply

      Personally i think art is all about perspective not necessary the LITERAL or OBVIOUS. PDO brought an interesting perspective to “a box of chocolate” rather than the obvious packaged chocolates. Anyone can go to a grocery store and snap some chocolates, but where is the creative element? PDO’s is outside the “box”.

      “life is like a box of chocolate– you never know what you’re gonna get!” And sometimes it’s chocolate covered pretzels on a plate 🙂

  6. ruth otori, Reply

    Odudu won dis one jor!!! His own luk mor lik chocolates in a box unlik PDO’s own. . . Odudu has ma vote once again

    • Davisfierce, Reply

      For crying awt Loud PDO they said chocolates in box en nt in a plate++dose dnt look like chocolates PDO they look like Brownies or su’tin,so Odudu# wins for mee

  7. Davis, Reply

    Mehn odudu rockz…pdo!…i aint sure dahs chocolate o….odudu u duh BEST mahn

  8. edesiri, Reply

    I feel PDO’s photo encapsulates the christmas season. For pete’s sake notice the christmas card in the background. Odudu’s picture is a beautiful one, that makes use of bokeh and thinks outside the box but I feel his pictures lack spirit and love. Its more technical for him. PDO has my vote

  9. Graham Loft, Reply

    PDO for the kill.. I am a big fan of odudu and i think his work is superb. The thing is though, looking through this challenge, i feel PDO has really proved himself. I love his shots and the way he connects with the christmas spirit. PDO has this one

  10. josh, Reply


  11. Miss shontelle, Reply

    PDO deserves it. At the end of the day, concept beats quality. I look at Odudu’s picture and see a well composed shot, something that could pass for advertising, but PDO’s has a certain life to it, the concept makes me think more about Christmas. Great job guys but PDO has this one

  12. chocboi, Reply

    Odudu won dis one

  13. pomme, Reply

    I ♡ odudu’z fotoz…deres just summn about em’…ϑ concept is different n shows some sort Θ’ distant feeling..I believe dah odudu is rlly guhd…I see someone tryna pick up some chocolatez in pdo’z foto…I see summn different in odudu’z…odudu has my vote!

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