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First of all, I’m sorry for the delay in posting.  My photographers are a little swamped with a lotta activities.

The good news is…

The challenge is still on.

We’ve got two more days left and if you’re just joining in, here are the links to the previous days…



The scores are currently at 2 – 2, It’s Day five, let’s break the tie…
This is todays challenge: The meaning of Christmas (the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Christmas) and here are the pictures:
PDO Photography
PDO's first thought
Odudu Photography 
Odudu's first thought
Cast your votes!

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19 Responses to “Photography Challenge – Day FIVE”

  1. Davisfierce, Reply

    PDo’s pics nyce buh I really dnt get it,cnt lie….buh Odudu!!!again kudos wif dis cos yeh when I think of Christmas duh first thought I get is dat hey,am alive,am well am able tew live en be happpy en have a life all Thanks tew my sweet Jesus for giving his Life for me,en the one place yhu really can celebrate dat is in Church wif yhur fwends,family en pple yhu Love,yhu kno….everyyear yhu get duh chance to be grateful to Jesus togeda wif these pple yhu love in Church!!!…yeh pic on point Odudu#

  2. Ruth otori, Reply

    Odudus photography says it all bcuz Xmas is mainly celebrated in church en what comz to most pples mind is the birth of Jesus en also d concept of christianity . . Dis picture clearly depicts that.

  3. May, Reply

    lol #pause OKB, birds are the first things that cross ur mind when u think of christmas? I dont get ur pic sha,but it looks nice :).Well,my vote goes to Odudu again this time 😀 I always think of church first on christmas day before i actually think of the rice,stew or any other thing 😀

  4. Davis, Reply

    Odudu photography depicts christ-mas clearly!…tz a christain celebration which obviously involves duh church!!odudu photography got it well!thumbs UP!

  5. D_KOkO, Reply

    This is a tough time to start a christmas challenge…frankly, it doesn’t feel/look like christmas in Canada. wonderful pictures nonetheless. Tie.

  6. Amazer, Reply

    Nice one PDO, great picture from PDO..but i dnt really get the message you are trying to pass! So ma vote goes to ODUDU. Common its christmas..look @ the wonderful colours, the serenity that the picture entails..its jst amazing… Cudos to ODUDU!!!

  7. chocboi, Reply

    I rwili don’t get PDO’s photo…..buh odudu’s pic is fresh cos it shows evrifn abt x.mas……..and evntly dz x.mas falls on a sunday,and yhu hv to go to church and thank yhur lord jesus christ……..odudu’s pic is jst on point…….FINITO

  8. LadyT, Reply


  9. Sweettnesss, Reply

    Nice pictures! I’m still trying to fathom the hidden message in the first picture, it’s such a beautiful picture however Christmas isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind when I look at it

    Odudu Photography, Now that picture has a certain aura, that glow, that calm that Christmas is truly about. And what better place than a sacred sanctuary? A church! Perfect!
    Odudu has my vote once again

  10. Tanya Cruz, Reply

    definitely odudu photography, the church is the first thing that comes to my mind when i think of christmas

  11. Aunty E, Reply

    as per naija people tho, we must go to church on Christmas day!
    I think PDO was talking about lights as per “christmas lights”

  12. Kwame, Reply


  13. Ann L Oludoyi, Reply

    pDo: I think I get your concept but Im not sure we are on the same page
    Odudu: Very good concept but It isnt everyone that thinks about “going to church” or “church” during Christmas.

    Left to me, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Christmas, is Food or Family or rather still both.

  14. O'malicha Bie (@ririfujiyoka), Reply

    I really like PDO’s the angle is amazing…looking at the picture makes me think of everything Christmas…presents to shopping to caroling.

  15. John, Reply

    Odudu won this hands down

  16. lapimpette, Reply

    Odudu for the win!! Such a beautiful picture!!

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