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Day Three put the scores at
PDO  – 2  and Odudu Photography – 1
Today’s challenge is A warm feeling
(e.g. a hug, someone wrapped in blankets with a coffee mug)
PDO Photography
Princes Warmth
Odudu Photography
Odudu's Warmth
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10 Responses to “Photography Challenge – Day FOUR”

  1. Kwame, Reply

    Maybe it’s because of the timing of this challenge, but given the cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, a warm thought does not include a day in the park with the pooches.

    Forget the coco, the sweater or the movie. Mr. Odudu, this picture had me at the acrylic blanket.

  2. Takoma, Reply


  3. ASHELY, Reply


  4. May, Reply

    PDO: The fact that the girl is sitting on the dude’s lap doesn’t necessary make her warm…Odudu defi has this one!

  5. davisfierce, Reply

    Odudu for me still!!!….it just mkes yhu wanna cuddle up into yo blanky..lolz

  6. Sweettnesss, Reply

    Haha! Can the second picture get any warmer? It has my vote! Odudu photography

  7. Aunty E, Reply

    odudu = very literal
    pdo= not as literal (love the idea)
    … i really dont like either picture, but i prefer odudu’s.

  8. DJA, Reply

    Non of the pictures WOW me Odudu took the “warm feeling” VERY literal (not cool bro)…. Didn’t get Prince’s picture. but just for the sake of the competition i guess Odudu has my vote for this round.

  9. LadyT, Reply

    lol y’all shouldn’t hate on Odudu for taking it literally, he’s an artist and he can choose how he wants to interpret the instructions given.

  10. lapimpette, Reply

    Odudu FTW!!

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