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So yesterday was not as competitive as day ONE, but a few votes did come in, leaving scores at…

Prince – two

Odudu – nil

Todays Challenge is – The christmas colours (e.g. and environment with just green and red or a creation of the idea)

Here are the pictures for day three

PDO Photography

Prince's Christmas Colours

Odudu Photography

Odudu's Christmas Colors

Cast your votes, people.

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15 Responses to “Photography Challenge – Day THREE”

  1. FKN, Reply

    Prince David!!!
    – More creative. The concept is well carried out plus theres more to appreciate in the picture. However, the second picture is well detailed but its just a christmas tree :s, a little bland in my opinion but on the upside a nice shot nonetheless. I believe that a photograph is supposed to capture the viewers attention, hold it and then let them connect on some level which Prince David’s does with ease while with Odudu’s theres very little for the eye to work with which makes connecting more difficult. For ex: with Prince’s, the whole concept of christmas itself comes to mind while with Odudu’s i just think of presents. Not to say that less isn’t more but with respect to the concept that each was assigned, more would have been better. My advise is that next time each should really think of what they can create to make the concept come alive. I also believe that each could do better, i’ve observed their work and can see the talent however i feel each artist is playing it safe or its either the task assigned is too simple. Think outside the box, ENTHRALL US, give us something MORE. Thats the point of a challenge, PUSH yourselves. Go ABOVE AND BEYOND. You have it within you, WOW us. Simply put, leave us with our jaws dropping.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays!

    • Kwame, Reply

      FKN, I think u have this one reversed, all I think of with PDO’s piece is presents, I mean the presence of Santa says it all. However, the thought of presents is just 1 of many things that comes to mind when I look at the Odudu piece, and the simplicity speaks volume.

      This is one where I would disagree that less is definitely more. While both artist may have chose to show the capitalist side of Christmas, Odudu did so without the Santa theatricals, and in doing so allows the viewer to think about the other aspects of Christmas.

      Odudu should take this one, hands down.


  2. Dinho, Reply

    PDO all day! vote goes to u bruh

  3. Imoteda, Reply

    Sigh I feel bad but.. Prince. Gotta be impartial here

  4. Davisfierce, Reply

    Well maybe its just mee or maybe su’tins wrong wif my eyez buh its Odudu for def cos hes is just one word’picture perfect’I mean even duh qualitys better…the strength of duh colours re way better dan dat of prince,Prince is kk buh Oduduz better!!!

  5. Awtlaw, Reply

    Odudu all duh way,its such a beautiful view:)

  6. LadyT, Reply

    Odudu because the details on the tree kills it! The picture is simpler yet beautiful still.

  7. DJA, Reply

    I like Odudu’s picture.. it shows you the Christmas colors, with Prince’s picture i feel like its just the same as the smile one picture just from a different angle.
    1 vote for Odudu.

  8. ASHELY, Reply

    Odudu”s picture for sure!

  9. lapimpette, Reply

    It captures the chirstmas colors + brings a warm smile to my face.

  10. James, Reply

    Odudu FTW!

  11. Prince David, Reply

    You should add a poll widget 🙂

  12. May, Reply

    erm PDO’s looks like the picture was cut out of a storybook or something…..ODUDU’S pic pls!!

  13. Aunty E, Reply

    prince’s picture looks like something off a christmas card so i choose it! odudu’s is great too…
    tough choice tho, cos both pictures are quite good!

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