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As mentioned in this post,

Dudunorth would be pulling together a few things to mark the Christmas season.  Starting off there would be a 7 day photo challenge.  Prince David OKB and Robert Odudu have agreed to go head on against each other.

This challenge is set to capture certain concepts related to the season.  I have given these gentlemen 7 concepts, I would like to see brought to actualization.  They are to capture it in the best way they can and in ways they understand it.

You would be deciding who the best photographer is.  To do this, leave a comment stating your favourite picture and why.  The ‘why’ part would help these photographers evaluate their strengths.  There should be only forms of appreciation expressed in these comments and if there are any constructive criticisms, feel free to contact them directly.

Prince – d_okebalama@yahoo.com

Robert – oduduphotography@gmail.com

At the end of each day.  I would announce who is leading based on the votes in the comments.

Here are the pictures for Day ONE:

Day One – A genuine Smile

PDO Photography by Prince David OKB

Prince's Smile

Odudu Photography by Robert Odudu

Odudu's Smile

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24 Responses to “Photography Challenge – Day ONE”

  1. JB, Reply

    -good pic for Robert Odudu, nice concert. smiles show it is a season of jolieness lol. welldone bro, pretty creative.**JB
    -Boss Prince, ur pic is good bt yet, nt really creative. any ordinary photographer wud do d same. try to think outside d box Boss. n for dis reason, i choose Roberts. i looking forward to c more of ur pics tho, make it of deep thoughts, bt yet simple. good luck, CHEERZ! **JB

    • ~Seyi~, Reply

      art of photography = capturing a moment

    • ~Seyi~, Reply

      in Odudu’s pic, we’re not sure what they’re smiling about, so it’s hard to judge on how ‘genuine’ the smiles are

  2. JB, Reply

    correction, concert-concept.(on Odudu’s comment..**JB

  3. ~Seyi~, Reply

    A smile constitutes a facial expression, not just the mouth, signifying joy, happiness or pleasure. My vote goes to PDO showcasing a child’s ‘genuine’ love for a giver of gifts

  4. May, Reply

    Although OKB’s picture is really cute,I PREFER ROBERT’S. I like the fact that it is more personal,he captured some really amazing smiles from his friends and put them all together to create one perfect picture. Ermm,Robby,It looks like close-up advert tho,but I still love it. 🙂

  5. elizabeth, Reply

    i love robert’s concept of d smiles. dtz exactly wt we shuld be doin on christmas day..:d

  6. Sweettnesss, Reply

    Nice pictures! But I’ll vote for Odudu Photography. I like the mosaic concept he has going on there. It’s like he is trying to bring out a common thing in different people who probably don’t know each other but share something in common, Happiness. Best expressed as genuine smiles on their faces, captured from different angles. Just looking at it makes me smile, trying to decipher the reasons behind the smiles as that is a mystery. That’s another beautiful thing about the picture. The mystery. Faceless smiles.

  7. Tubi Films, Reply

    k so here goes
    Robert’s photo – very creative, represents the genuine smile definitely. But for me its still a little vague when you compare it so the season. Maybe if it was a smile with santa hats on their heads n stuff like that then that would be prefect. Its something I would see on a commercial or a website n all, or some advertising agency sturvs. Dont get me wrong, I luv it tho.

    Prince’s photo – trust me, i get his concept. Goes well with the season theme. BUT! Prince, the pic doesnt really show as much of a genuine smile as I would have loved. Maybe taking the shot from behind santa to show the back of his head and then the young girl in focus would have been awesome. Also maybe tilting the camera at an angle would sell the effect wonderfully.

    Roberts – very out of the box, conceptual photographer
    Prince – conservative, stylish and a very good “day to day experiences” photographer (if you know what I mean – prince is more of a photographer that deals with capturing day to day experiences on camera)

    Both to me have different distinct styles – and so………….CANT DECIDE WHO WINS….
    for me, let this go down as a DRAW. (1 for Odudu, 1 for PDO)

  8. Yemi, Reply

    Odudu! Creative

  9. East African Princess, Reply

    Prince – PDO Photography

  10. nneka, Reply

    both are wonderful pictures, the pdo picture is very sweet and had this natural effect to it. the odudu photo is beautiful, with different happy lips lol

  11. Kay Mulera, Reply

    1 for Odudu (this could go in a dentist office, it’s creative and probably took more work. I like how unique each person’s smile is but the pic doesn’t give me much feeling)

    1 for PDO (this could go on an xmas card or even be an advertisement. Not as much of an “out of the box” pic, but gives me a warm feeling and for someone who smiles a lot this picture actually made me smile, genuinely!)

    So hard to choose “the best photo” without there being a strict guideline so I hope I’m allowed two votes !! lol

  12. Adam, Reply

    Well it says “genuine” Smile. I think PDO reflects it really well on his picture. He caught the girl out of the blue, meaning she didn’t know she was going to be photographed. She is smiling genuinely. A true reflection of her feelings, a sincere reflection of her emotions. And so PDO stuck to the concept given. The picture is as well lovely, it reflects the season as well.

    Odudu’s photo is also really appealing but we don’t know why are these people smiling. Are they really genuinely smiling or where they acting? We will never know. Is it base on the season has well that they are smiling? I think the Odudu’s photo is nice because it reflects different sort of smiles for different reasons. It shows different ways of smiling. He will be the best if the topic was: “the world of smiles” or even just “Smiles”. His picture is really professional and i like that. Good job Mister Odudu. However you are out of the subject given.

    Finally i will vote for Mister OKB.

  13. andrew, Reply

    BOTH Yall..did a good one…

  14. D_KOkO, Reply

    pDO!!!…..more original…just look at the smile on her face. priceless…and genuine

  15. LadyT, Reply

    I love them both but Prince gets my vote just because he incorporated Christmas into his picture which is what the competition is about.

  16. Amara, Reply

    Prince has my vote…. He expresses “genuity” through innocence of a child and also captures the season.

  17. e__victor, Reply

    PDO has my vote. You should consider adding a poll widget 🙂

  18. Anita :), Reply

    They’re both good! I like the color effect of the first one but the concept isn’t really original. For Odudu’s i love the concept but it doesn’t exactly make me think Christmas. LOL TIE!

  19. Amanda, Reply

    pdo photography: i like the fact that you can see the reason behind the smile. i can actually feel the smile. i can tell its genuine because it actually made me smile.

    odudu photography: well…….. smiles right. if the theme was ‘smiles’, i would have gone for yours but ‘genuine smile’, it dint work for me. your image would pass for a dental advert. good concept tho

  20. Aunty E, Reply

    prince wins this one with the child’s smile… its genuine smile not smiles 🙂
    great pictures eitherway

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