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When I got into my room, I sat on my bed with my body still wet from the shower…wondering aloud “why am I suddenly thinking about Kunle when I’m still obviously interested in Jide?”  Unknown to me, my best friend Funmi had just opened the door and heard me talk to myself; my housemate had opened up the door for her.

“Who’s Kunle?” she asked. I wanted to tell her who he was so bad but for reasons still unknown to me, I didn’t but instead shrugged and said “no one important”.  ‘hmmpph’ she said and jumped on my bed

“so I saw you leaving yesterday with one of the hotties, gist me jare! Plus why did you leave so early?”

“Was that early?? well, I was tired jo, and he offered to take me home” I blushed slightly as I told her.  Of course she noticed and started her very much expected tease.

Within seconds my phone started ringing.

It was Kunle.

Staring at the caller-id, I wondered how he had gotten my number and then I blushed a little when I remembered my little fantasy back in the shower.   While my mind was wandered, Funmi had picked up the call.


yes this is her phone,

nope I’m not her…she’s in the bathroom…

uh huh,



Of course she’ll love that!”

Once I heard that, it didn’t take me long to snap out of my day-dream.  I rushed to collect my phone from her before she caused any more damage than she already had, but she managed to evade my lunge for the phone and ran away to finish up her discussion.

“I’ll let her know when she gets out, you too!” she continued.

“You have a date young lady, with Mister Kunleee!”Then she winked at me and added

”I hope he’s the yummy hotness from the party though if not I’ll kill myself for potentially agreeing on a date with an ugly guy and then kill you for possibly letting an ugly guy have your number.”  I then laughed and answered that it was the hottie from the party and she squealed with joy after which she told me what he said on the phone.

The next day, I got up, got dressed and dragged Funmi out to lunch and then shopping afterwards. When I got home, I peeled my wet clothes off of my body as it had been raining and I climbed into the shower, stood under the running hot water for about 5 minutes then came out in and walked to the sitting room. I love it when there is no one home except for myself.

After I turned on the T.V, I walked to the door to make sure I had locked it on my way in and simultaneously, there was a knock on the door. I ran to my room to put on just my undies as I assumed it was Funmi bringing me the chocolates I had begged her for earlier on so I opened the door without checking first but instead, I saw Kunle looking dashing as always in simple jeans, loafers and a sweatshirt that was pulled back to his elbows (and a box of chocolates too!(how did he know??))

I drooled a little and almost forgot I was standing almost naked before a guy I barely even knew! I was too stunned to move and once I snapped back to reality, I noticed Kunle staring at me in fascination and amazement. I stood taking in the beauty of his presence and also taking in his unforgettable scent, the one which I had carried around since the night we met.

He had his eyes study so intricately and intensely areas where no man ought to see, unless…

I felt incredibly embarrassed and felt my bones turn to liquid, but for some odd reason, I hadn’t moved.  It appeared as though I was frozen till I realized we had been staring at each other for roughly 8 minutes, so I decided to break the awkward silence and act like I wasn’t bothered or flustered by his presence at all by muttering an expectedly strained “Hello…”

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