I remember meeting Laolu Tubi or rather Engr. L. Tubi as he has conveniently titled himself.  He was such a gentleman, still is… and quite frankly at the time there were too few gentlemen around for him to go unnoticed.

At the time there was no such thing as Tubi Films or even a mere existence of the idea.  Today, I hear Tubi Films around and I’m thrilled to find out what he has come up with ‘this time’.

Tubi Films has grown from a simple thought with diligence into what it is today.  Still growing, still starting out but clearly with consistence and unending dedication, about to soar.

Amongst other videos which I would share in subsequent posts, Tubi Films in collaboration with Party Productions received an honourable mention at the Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF).  The team also came in amongst the top four contestants for the short film “Life is…”…and no, they weren’t fourth position but because only the top four receive honorable mentions, the Engr. has requested a modestly blown trumpet.

Here is an interview I had with Tubi Films:


I hope you enjoyed it.

As Tubi and his friend have reiterated….run with your dream…

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