It had been weeks since I heard from Jide.

He got me all wired in the method for getting cheap textbooks and I never heard from him again.

After hanging out at the student centre for about 30 minutes, we exchanged numbers and I was certain he would call.  When he didn’t call, I was sure I’d meet him in Psych class the following week.

Following Jide.

Following following week, still no Jide.

At this point I decided to swallow my pride as pa, “fine girls don’t make the first call”…lol…so I called.

“Hey Jide, its Kemi”


“It’s Kemi from Psych, the cheapskate used books girl”

*hoping for laughter*

“Oh…hi, what’s up?”

“I decided to call and say hi”


Ok, the conversation was so sluggish and distant, I felt like a big fool.  Why did I call?  I’ve always known that if a guy doesn’t call, he doesn’t care enough about you but I still decided to go with my feelings.  Silly feelings!

All day, I kept beating myself up.  I hate falling for a guy who doesn’t even think about you for a second above the time you spend with him.  Although, I was on cloud 9 with every passing second I spent with him at the student centre, thinking back, I don’t think he paid that much attention to me. *sigh*

“Hey baaabe”

“Hi Tola, what’s up?”

“Kemi, ki lo de? you look very ‘unbubbly’ today”

“It’s nothing”

“Keeemmiiii…talk jo”

“Remember Jide, the one I mentioned to you about 2 weeks ago”

“Is that a question, that fine dude that no girl can ever seem to get over”

“yea, whatever, that’s the one”

“So what about him”

“I’ve noticed he hasn’t been coming to class and truth be told, I’ve been expecting him in class, hoping he’d ask me to grab drinks with him or something”

“He hasn’t been in class, bawo? isn’t he the genius guy?”

“Yea, he is, it doesn’t quite add up.  Well to cut the long story short, I called him up today hoping to hold a conversation, he just mumu-ed me”

*Tola chuckes*

“What do you mean mumu-ed you?”

“He was silent and gave me ‘one words’, he didn’t even make a bloody sentence, just ‘hi’.  Two seconds after the call was up”

“O ti bere o, you’ve started with your bloody-ness…he can’t be that worth it”

“He’s not jo”

I had decided to decieve myself into accepting that he was nothing to me, so I carried on with my life.

At the end of Psych class that Tuesday, I went over to speak with Prof. Xing. I acted all non-chalant about it so he didn’t suspect.  Heaven only knows why I would think he would care, yet alone notice…  Don’t ask!

“Sir, I”

“You again, can I help”

“Good lecture, today”

and I started to walk away, heck…I need to know jo.

“Prof. have you heard from Jide recently”

“Jeedi, Jeedi, Jeedi…uhm…I think he dropped my class”

“Oh really? ok, thank you Sir, sorry to bother”

Why would Jide drop Psych, what kind of behaviour is that sef? Isn’t he meant to be one of those serious students who start off with a bang and never quit or something along those lines.

For two weeks, I was slowly shedding the thought of Jide when I bumped into him at the convenience store on Friday night.  He looked deshelved and quite frankly his appearance was odd and rather disturbing.  I walked up to him and I couldn’t help but pry.

“Jide, it’s been a long while, how have you been”

“Good, thanks”

He started to turn his back and head over to the counter. 

“What’s the problem, I’m beginning to feel like I’m bothering you.  I would just like to make sure things are fine and if there’s anyway I can help, let me know”


He paid for his items and left.  That weekend I spent my spring break over at Aunty Titi’s house.  Her kids are such pests but free food, a queen bed and pocket money is always worth enduring Layo, Kunmi and Bosun. 

That Saturday evening Aunty Nkechi called the house and I happened to pick up.  She was always a bundle of joy but for some reason she sounded so pained.  I handed the phone over to Aunty Titi when I over heard them talk about heading to Nigeria for Aunty Bolatiwas burial.  Who is Bolatiwa, ni to ri Olorun?

Saturday suddenly became gloomy for the family.

Dami is the Founder and Creative Director of Dudunorth. She has an immense passion for media, marketing and all things creative.

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