I recently moved to London and the first day of my apartment hunt, I buzzed a friend who lived in London for directions to a Naij restaurant…

The convo went a little like this:

Me: Hi, is there a place where we can get fried rice around here?

Friend: Why you want to open one up?”

yea, he’s sarcastic like that…na simple question o…

Me: Seriously jo, my girl friend and I are starving and we’re craving fried rice and chicken

Friend: lol, there’s nothing like that here

Me: Seriously?

In my mind, I’m like….nooo…is this the right city for me? Am I making the right choice? I donno if I should be moving here o, maybe I should just turn back….lol…I’m just kidding, that’s a little dramatic…but you get my point.  Access Nigerian food is a blessing when you realize all you’ve got is pasta or rice.

I figured, I’d share a few hot spots with you so you can avoid panic mode if you find yourself in desperate need of a pseudo-home-cooked-meal.

Lagos Cafe lasted a short while in Windsor, ON before Afrik was then situated on Erie Street. Based on personal experience, not only does the restaurant pass on nostalgic vibes but the good food keeps you coming back.

In Hamilton, ON I’ve heard of a place called Mafu’s Kitchen on King Street East.  Please feel free to drop a review in the comment section if you have actually eaten here.  I hear it’s good though.

Recently, 24seven just started up.  Check them out.  Delivery included, as well as monthly subscriptions.

Of course, you are aware that if Toronto, ON (GTA) does not have a Naija food joint, nowhere else would. Here are a few worthy of mention.

Id Love. (pronounced Ai-Dee Love).  I made the mistake of saying I’d love when I first came across it.  If you’re igbo or you love igbo food, you’d love it here.  All of ’em Nkwobi, Abacha, Ugba, Nsala and the like.  Dig in.  It’s on Weston Road in York.

Of course the yorubas are not forgotten.  Stevag on Eddystone Avenue in North York would serve those taste buds justly.

Lola’s catering on Jane Street is also worthy of mention.

Afrolems, delivers as well as occasionally posts recipes on her blog. Click name for access.


those are the only Naija Food Joints I’m aware of.  Anyone in Canada with more information, please feel free to keep me posted in the comment section and I would update accordingly.

Also, if you’ve had any personal experiences with any of the above restaurants, let’s hear it.


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  1. Moses, Reply

    There are several joints in London. It depends on where you live. You must have heard of Aso Rock restaurant by the Adesina family that appeared on a British TV series about them. They have branches in Hoxton and Hackney. It is a family business.

    Emukay is in Camberwell. http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/restaurants/restaurant-12395.php

    Mama Calabar is in Wembley. http://www.london-eating.co.uk/3395.htm

    There are joints in Burnt Oak, North London and Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. It is inside one of the arcades.

    Iyabo Onigbin is very popular for snail eaters… http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=99257596404

    There are several in South London.

    • dudunorth, Reply

      You got me excited for a split second till I realized you’re prolly thinking London, England. I’m in London, Canada

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