Dudulove is an interactive story based on the creativity of Nigerian bloggers.  Anyone interested in stringing on to the story line should please send their chapter to dudunorth@aol.com.

Here are the guidelines for participation:

Get an understanding on the story thus far

Feel free to get as creative as you deem necessary without losing the readers in the process.  Wherever ambiguous or unclear edits would be made.

Keep things PG14, this is not a nollywood or ghanian plot.

Length of chapters should stay within 500 – 750

Every contributor would be credited for their contributions with links to their various blogs.

Most of all HAVE FUN

Here’s a basic intro, carry on from here:

3 years ago, we met at the University ofToronto. I was in my 2nd year, 2nd semester in the BSc. Psychology program when I met Jide, a final year student.

Professor Higgins had introduced us as I was searching for used Psychology textbooks. Yes, I was one of those cheap undergrad students. I only ever bought one textbook at its retail price. The prices were outrageous and there was no way my pocket money would cover those prices. I took on a part-time job but my earnings were put towards food, phone bills, cable bills and the occasional cheap Tuesday movie nights with the girls.

Back to Jide…

Jide was well built, he had his muscles all in the right places. He had the smile of an angel. Don’t ask me how I know what an angel smiles like ‘cause I don’t…but if I were to guess, it would be immaculately identical to Jide’s smile.

“Kemi meet Jide, he has a way of getting used books, he’s your man”

“I hope he’s my man” , was all I kept thinking as Jide spoke. I had never had a boyfriend ‘cause daddy instilled the whole Einstein thing in me as soon as I was born. My mind was always books! books!! books!!! I was one of those, ‘Books Before Boys Because Bad Boys Bring Bastard Babies’ types.

If it counts for anything, I had crushes, don’t get me wrong, I did. The butterflies in my belly, twisty tummy turns but I hadn’t ever had it last for more than a month because my crushees gave me multiple reasons to force myself to uncrush them with an immediate or rather close to immediate effect.

It is true you can’t choose who you like, ’cause when I look back on my crushes, I’m nothing but appauled by my taste in men…for some odd reason, Jide seemed different.   He was smart, well he appeared smart. Professor Higgins had spoken highly of him before we got a chance to meet. Apparently Psychology was his minor, he was actually a Bio major and I can’t help my weakness for men in medicine…at least, I assumed that’s where he was heading.

He was h-a-w-t…hawt from every angle.  Personality has always prevailed physique but with Jide, there was no missing physique. His personality made his physique ridiculously conspicuous. A few days prior to our meeting, I had heard Jide’s name in my hall way and 3 weeks before, Professor Stevens had made mention of him to Professor Xing regarding some award of some sort, so I’m sure you can imagine the extent of the possibility of a potential crush on this meeting. It wasn’t about used textbooks anymore, it was about the hope of receiving a dose of Jide with every recommended textbook.

“…free”, he said

“Oh, I’m sorry, which textbooks are free?” At this point I was confident in my ‘cheap skate radar’…as I suddenly snapped out of his dreamy eyes.

“I was referring to the free M.I concert tickets at the student centre…I was on my way there when Prof. stopped me. We could walk and talk? or I could call you later?”

“Yea, yea…no problem, let’s walk”

He asked if we could walk and talk? Lol. Nothing sounded more perfect than that request. Classes were done for the day and I was two weeks ahead in my reading with more than 4 hours to spare before my date with the girls. Let’s just say, used textbooks transformed Single Kemi into Mingled Kemi….

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